Our projects

Diwan Al Amiri - Abu Dhabi
Government Palace

Construction of the Government Palace and of the adjacent Mosque.

We created and supplied all the decorative material for the facade:

  • capitals,
  • mouldings,
  • window ledges,
  • interior columns,
  • decorative fencing.

Viareggio - Shop

For the renovation of the facade of the shop of a famous fashion house we made:

  • skirting boards,
  • plinths,
  • window frame mouldings.

Beach huts

Made with a product that replaces the welded iron mesh netting: this prevents iron corrosion and therefore concrete flaking.

Resistant to external agents such as salt, rain and frost.

Balustrades and railings

The visual effect of the small pillars creates classical-looking shapes, and yet they are always different one from the other.

This type of production, is appreciated for its technical advantages, as well as for its addiing a touch of style to the building.

Decoration of facades

Production for fa├žades are many and varied; from decoration of a new projects to renovations and restauration of the old.

The most complicated jobs are those which give us the most satisfaction!


Concrete as a design object!

The floor of a trendy club in Bocca di Magra, was produced From an idea of two young architects.

Realization of a winerack for rare and vintrage bottles which furnishes the entire wall of the restaurant of a well-known Winery in Florence.